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Welcome To Bundlefi Inc.

At Bundlefi, we’re helping to build communities. We’ve created a fair marketplace by leveraging the power of collective participation of community financial institutions on a national platform. This platform allows for competition against the Mega Banks with their Mega Marketing Budgets. We provide ID verified and qualified prospects directly to your deposit applications. We can even prescreen credit product prospects before they are sent to your application. Participation is virtually risk free. No set up fees, you only pay for prospects that select your institution to open an account.

No Mega Banks

Community Financial Institutions Only

Over 1,000,000

In-market consumers engaged monthly


Demand deposit accounts opened
and growing every day

WE DELIVER customers.

It takes major funds to advertise a business-banks included-and with megabanks' massive marketing budgets it's nearly impossible to compete and be heard. And yet today, community banks and credit unions offer a lot of the same perks such as mobile banking, credit cards and ATMs. Plus, all this comes with the flexible services that the big banks just can't offer.

START INCREASING Customer Acquisitions Today!

With tools to help you identify opportunities and know more about your prospects, getting new customers has never been easier. We drive consumers directly to your online account opening experience. Quick, easy and free setup. Here’s what’s included:

Market Analysis

We learn what makes your market unique and reveal new opportunities.

Digital Consulting

We ensure your digital marketing budget is spent effectively.

Marketing Management

Once up and running, we continue to monitor performance and make adjustments as necessary.

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ACQUISITION SOLUTIONS that deliver for your community institution.

Bundlefi was built by bankers for bankers helping them grow new deposits, checking and savings accounts, and more.

Why Choose Bundlefi

At Bundlefi, we believe community banks provide the best options for banking. That’s why we partner with institutions like yours to deliver consumers directly into your online account opening process.


Bundlefi was created to level the playing field between Community Financial Institutions and Mega Banks.

Greg Pellitteri, CEO Bundlefi
  • Community financial institutions only - Absolutely NO mega banks!
  • Over 500,000 In-market consumers engaged per month.
  • Not brokered accounts - Only consumers searching in real-time for banks in their local market.
  • Risk Free Pricing – Only pay for verified, qualified prospects who select your institution and are delivered into your account opening process
  • Relationship Management - Dedicated campaign management ensures optimization with monthly analytic reports gauge performance
  • No setup fees – Getting started is fast, free and easy.