Community Banks Only

No Mega Banks

Over 500,000

In-market consumers engaged monthly


Demand deposit accounts opened and growing every day

Start increasing accounts today.

With tools to help you identify opportunities and know more about your prospects, getting new customers has never been easier. We drive consumers directly to your online account opening experience. Quick and easy setup.


We deliver customers, not leads.

It takes major funds to advertise a business—banks included—and with megabanks’ massive marketing budgets it’s nearly impossible to compete and be heard. And yet today, community banks and credit unions offer a lot of the same perks such as mobile banking, credit cards and ATMs. Plus, all this comes with the flexible services that the big banks just can’t offer.

At Bundlefi we help banks find customers who are right for them. We believe banking should be more than just selling products, it should create long-lasting relationships between people and their financial institutions.